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Hey there,

I´m plotting in a Server with 256GB of ram 2x10c 20t processors, with two ramdisks and two NVMEs. I open two instances of Madmax and assign one processor to each one in the task manager.

The instance with processor 1 does the job in 59 minutes but the processor 0 does it in 69-75 minutes, it is a huge difference considering it is exactly the same hardware for both, even the NVMEs are the same.

I have tested some time in Ubuntu and both instances were done in 47 minutes (no difference) but I had to switch to Windows because I was having final disks incompatibilities issues, so this meanse that in terms of hardware everything should be the same time.

One doubt I have is when creating two ramdisks there is no way to saparate nodes, I mean, one ramdisk created with ram in node0 and the other ramdisk created with ram in node1.

Does anyone have any idea on how to solve my main problem?

Thanks in advance.