Hi there fellow farmers!

I am about to upgrade my chia plotter to used Dell PE r720, and I am not really sure on what OS run with it.
Was thinking about bare metal ubuntu, and my question is - whats your experience with it? Is is possible to run 21.04 ubuntu on 12gen poweredge?

What would be your CPU recommendations? I saw video with e5 2667 v2, got good deal on e5 2690 v2 with 256 gb ram... but not sure.

Aiming to use bladebit (when I upgrade to 512 gb ram), madmax for first weeks.
Not sure about the ubuntu compatibility though.


UBU 21.04 is what I use, 20.04 works also if you want to have long term releases. 21 is more of a bleeding edge, but has newer kernel stuff which can include numa code improvements. Both work out of the box without issues.

If you have 2690 v2's already, you are good ;D you can shave a few mins off max by going top of line but I dont think its worth it really. Bare metal 100%.

If you are madmax, be sure to use the -w cmd so it can copy off or the second plot will blow out. Bladebit is great and will shave a lot of time off.