Just picked up an LSI 9286CV-8e on ebay for $20.14 including tax and shipping for expanding my chia setup. Comes with cache card as well. Question for Admin (if you have time)- have you ever used this card? If so, have you ever hooked it up to an expander card?
I'm looking for a cheap expander, and the main ones on Ebay are a Lenovo and and HP. <Not so cheap anymore, either. Amazon has a chinese knock-off of a Lenovo 03x3834 for about $25. Just looking for about a 24-ish port to get started. Any info (if you get time) would be greatly appreciated.

Okay so I think that card is IR mode only  (not an HBA) based on this post.


It still probably works with an expander just fine, but at a lower que depth. Also the max number of addressable devices may be more bound to the specs. I have not used that card, but it doesnt hurt to try.

SAS2 gen expander interoperation is part of the spec, and was generally done well by most vendors, so should be okay to a point.

Thank you much for the info. My factory specs look like 64 virtual drives and 240 drives max. After reading that post and digging a bit further, I found that I can flash it to a 9207-8e. Saw on Ebay that The Art of Server sells mine flashed to 9207-8e LSI P20 IT mode. $64 + tax + $8.70 shipping. Thanks again

Let me know how it turns out with the flashing, The 9207 is a great chipset!

Card was DOA. Seller is sending me another.