soo..... I was following Chia's own official doc for building a system for plotting.

As per their recommendation, I recently bought CPU 8 core, 64gb RAM, and 2 NVMe Enterprise 2TB SSD. Which according to them I can plot 8 in parellel. I haven't set it up yet, so I can still return them. I was told that with MadMax, which completely blows Chiapos (official one) out of the water, I don't need SSD and just need to maximize RAM. I spoke with a guy from Chia team, and they mentioned their official doc is "out dated" as most people will use MadMax.... so am I screwed? Should I return everything and build system for MadMax?

I was told that for MadMax you need strong CPU, like >256gb ram or more, no need SSD. I can't find any Chia doc or blog on this.....

Hey you dont want to use the parallel plotter they originally had. Madmax does work on enterprise NVMe so I am not sure what they ment when they told you it didnt ??? You can also use MadMax with a ramdisk if you have 128GB but that is not mandatory. If you are using Windows, you will not see huge performance differences with a ramdisk and madmax either.

I would recommend you setup a RAID0 of the NVMe, set that as your temp dir, and try 16 threads and 256 buckets.