Stagger plotting with MadMax is a topic that has gotten a lot of attention, especially with those who have spidle based storage, as a way to maximize the output of plots over a longer period of time. I have yet to be able to output even 2 plots at a time and beat the single plot at a time output from the machine.

Hey awesome videos, seriously. Thanks.  Having a bit of trouble. Can you link me to the video that explains how to use mad and get the plots to the right farm?  I think the vids I've seen being before the pool change didn't work for me.  If you haven't made a step by step video yet that might be a good one anyway.  I'm not a newb but I'm missing something here with what is happening. Thanks man.

Hey I made these for the post pool world in linux and windows flavors and the linux is rather good and concise, the windows is good until I get into some benchmarking at the end and it ends up being slower then it should have been because of ?? windows 2016 ??

Windows + Pools + MadMax Plotter --
Linux + Pools + MadMax Plotter --
Step-By-Step Windows Written Guide --

Thanks and Welcome